Giving Con Gusto! Watch My Latest Commercial!

17 May


It’s here! The HILARIOUS commercial I was fortunate to work on for FuturoFund with a real Mariachi and a piñata is currently available on FuturoFund’s website. There may be a second version for television. The commercial will air in Texas. Prepare to crack up.




There’s more! That was the teaser. A longer version is available below.

HEADS UP: Yes. The commercial may seem a little cliche but that was the point. The director wanted the spot to be slightly ridiculous, stereotypical and funny. I’d say she nailed it.



In case you were wondering, that is almost the same outfit I wore for the Verizon commercial. I shot both on the same day. This one was filmed first and Verizon was a last minute call. I did have a slight make-up and jacket change up for Verizon. 

FuturoFund Set  FuturoFund Set

Shout out to the cast and crew of the most fun I’ve had on set in Texas. Also, a big shout out to Mariachi Relampago ! I can’t wait to watch these guys play LIVE around town again.

Thanks for watching and let me know what you think by commenting below or TWEETING ME. Oh yeah, and if you know anyone who may be interested in FuturoFund you now know where to send them.


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24 Feb


Some lucky Oscar nominees, formally known as Academy Award nominees since the name was officially CHANGED this year, are hanging out at their lush Hollywood hotel suites and homes surrounded by their glam squads, getting ready for what is often described as “The Hollywood Prom”. Indeed, many of us want to know who is wearing what, who will be the Prom Queen ( Best Actress ) and Prom King ( Best Actor ). Today, we find out if an outsider or someone from the most popular clique takes home the most coveted awards.


Visit for nominees and LIVE Online streaming footage. Check me out on Twitter @RuthVaca & FB “RUTH VACA OFFICIAL”

For many, The Oscars is a production of popularity, over indulgence, and rarely a recognition of the most deserving. Can you believe Leonardo DiCaprio STILL hasn’t won an Oscar? Say what you want about the guy, but there’s no doubt he’s a top A-List actor. Let’s hope the Academy doesn’t make him wait so long that they have to throw him a charity Oscar like they have in the past to many actors. Ahem, Denzel Washington. Yeah, I said it.

Get your snacks ready & log in to LIVE Tweeting @RUTH VACA

Get your snacks ready & log in to LIVE Tweeting @RUTH VACA


Although I prefer the SAG votes to the majority of the Oscar winners each year, it is true that only The Oscars bring an air of Hollywood glamour on steroids. The Silver Screen seems to revisit us through our TV screens once a year. Glimmering jewels, ball gowns, three piece suits, teary acceptance speeches, unforgettable musical performances, and legendary hosts grace us from a place that has earned the name “La La Land”.

Who are you rooting for? I’ll say it right now, ARGO IS NOT THE BEST FILM OF THE YEAR. I don’t care if it wins. It’s not. It’s not the worse. It’s not the best. Judging the best of the crop is a whole other blog entry or podcast. We’ll chat later. ADELE should win for the Best Original Song. She’s my Prom Queen. SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK has a special place in my heart, and I hope it wins at least two of the nominations.


Sometimes I miss living close enough to touch the stars & Oscar winning names


For those of you who would rather keep up with The Oscars through Twitter, FOLLOW ME TODAY! I’ll be LIVE TWEETING the best and the worst tonight.

I’ll be honest. I’m highly opinionated and ready to bitch, root, cry and throw stuff at my television.

My relationship with The Oscars is what Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship must’ve been like many days with Richard Burton. I love the Oscars, but I often find myself swearing to the gods that I will never watch, support, talk about or write about again. Remember when James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted? I wanted to put my hands through the screen and  slap Franco around until he started to tap dance or sing along like Billy Crystal.

Let’s hope the Oscars make the Silver Screen era proud and that Seth McFarlane doesn’t make me feel like “Peter Griffin” from Family Guy is hosting. If he is, he better bring “Brian” the dog and “Stewie” the baby with him.

Will you be watching tonight? Share your Oscar stories with me. 



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Watch My Commercial on for Samsung!

5 Dec


Remember the commercial I filmed a couple of weeks ago for a big international cell  phone provider and cell phone manufacturer? You can finally watch it! Check it out.

See, you really are following my journey to your screen!


Featured on the  Verizon Wireless  Samsung Galaxy Note II online commercial:

It may not seem like much but it’s an amazing feature for me. Who gets to see this gem? Everyone buying the phone with the cool “bump & share” capability online. Pretty sweet, eh?


If you are having issues watching the video just make sure you have your LOCATION SET on when you get to the link. CLICK ON “WATCH VIDEO”. I’ll see if I can embed the video soon. Thanks!

STILL SHOT: That’s me using the kick ass Samsung Galaxy Note II for Verizon Wireless


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30 Movies For The Holidays!

19 Nov


Winter Holiday Movie Season Is Here!

I celebrate watching holiday movies as much as the actual holidays.  You could say I’m a little intense about it. Truth be told, I have specific movies that I will watch seasonally and on most major holidays. I’m a ritualist.

I’m committed to watching ‘When Harry Met Sally” about 100 times every fall (not a holiday but it’s my favorite season). In my little world, holidays have designated films. For Halloween there’s always “The Shining”. For summer there’s always “Wet Hot American Summer”. Valentine’s Day is reserved for “Goodfellas”. Everyone knows that one is really a story about love and family. If that’s not your thing try something like “Definitely, Maybe”. You get the idea.

Since there’s something magical about the winter holiday season, I’ve made a list of 30 holiday films for you to watch from now until New Year’s Day without ever having to spend money on going to the theater or having to get out of your jammies. SCORE!

Here’s a list of 30 holiday films that you may already plan to watch or should. Gather up some drinks, snacks and yummy dishes; get ready to let movies take over.

30 Films To Watch This Holiday Season!


In no particular order. Full List Below


Holiday Movie Picks with Recommendations

30 films and made for TV movies that will rock your world from now until New Years Day.

[img src=]3200Credit: MGM
Yes, it's on TBS all day, every day for what seems like eternity and yet we can't look away or stop laughing out loud. That's the beauty of this movie.
[img src=]120Credit: Paramount Pictures
There's no wrong with this Thanksgiving themed film about two guys( Steve Martin and John Candy), trying to get home through planes, trains, automobiles and tons of laughs!
[img src=]130Credit: Orion Television
It's so bad it's good. Just like Keanu Reeves. This one is for those who love a bad musical and a good cult film.
[img src=]70Credit: Paramount Pictures
Bill Murray saved the 80's and gave birth to a perfect dark comedic twist of "A Christmas Carol". Can I get a "I Love You Bill Murray" t-shirt?
[img src=]70Credit: Drew Struzan
It's got muppets! It's a musical! It stars Michael Caine! It's FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! I know all of the songs. Yes, you may be super annoyed if you watch it with me. I DON'T CARE. Muppets rule.
[img src=]60Credit: Random House
It's a short made for TV movie that feels like an epic film of wholesome goodness. Who else wants to visit "Whoville"?
[img src=]60Credit: United Artists
If you don't care much for Katie Holmes, watch this film. It will turn you into a Holmes lover. It's her shiniest moment in cinema thus far.
[img src=]60Credit: Columbia Pictures
It's the perfect holiday chick flick. Stay away boys. You'll think it's lame. Gals, grab some chocolate Santas, a handful of tissues, and a box of wine with some girlfriends.
[img src=]60Credit: Charles M. Schultz
Awwww. So sweet. So cute. Make it stop. No, don't. GAH!
[img src=]6020th Century Fox
Feeling super sleepy and unmotivated after eating 10 pounds of Turkey on Thanksgiving? Kick your Christmas spirit into action with this movie. Bruce Willis will show you the way as he saves Christmas.
[img src=]60Credit: Walt Disney Pictures
A true modern classic. Funny. Smart. Simple. Thanks Tim Allen. No thanks for part 3.
[img src=]70Credit: Paramount Pictures
Now I know why so many people hate going back home for the holidays. However, Robert Doweny Jr. is reason enough for me to go anywhere just to see him.
[img src=]70Credit: Overture Films
Am I wrong to say this is the only Latino-based theatrical holiday film in the US, ever? I don't like it just for that reason, but it's nice to know that Chicago, Puerto Rico and Latino culture is celebrated in this Christmas based film. Plus, I have a little crush on almost every male co-star in this film. Don't tell them.
[img src=]40Credit: 20th Century Fox
It takes me back to my hometown of Chicago. In my early childhood, I grew up in what is considered "the 'hood". The suburb mini mansion, the big loud family, and the gift of being left alone as a kid to play was my fantasy. Hughes knew how to write for the Midwest heart and how to make coasters want to be part of our world.
[img src=]60Credit: Warner Bros.
Gremlins in santa hats being naughty, singing and dancing. 'Nuff said.
[img src=]70Credit: Paramount Pictures
I first watched this film in the 90's. I didn't really understand the grandness of the cast, but I did understand the humor and greatness of the film. It's my favorite Eddie Murphy film and 'till this day I find myself quoting it outside of the holiday season. HILARIOUS.
[img src=]70Credit: Dimension Films
Now I get why Angelina Jolie fell in love with Billy Bob Thornton. He's a comedic genius as a grumpy, boozed up and immoral Santa. I like it. He's got bad Catholic all over him.
[img src=]50Credit: New Line Cinema
Just looking at the film's theatrical poster cracks me up. Plus, you get to enjoy a singing, skeptical and blonde Zooey Deschanel.
[img src=]60Credit: 20th Century Fox
Although it's in black and white, there's nothing two dimensional about this film. It's a classic for a reason. The film remains relevant and engaging. It's a must see.
[img src=]60Credit: Warner Bros.
You all already love it! I will advice that you try watching it dubbed in French or Spanish. You'll thank me later.
[img src=]60Credit: Paramount Pictures
The perfect New Year's Eve film. An all-star cast before Hollywood "ruined" most of them. A superb soundtrack and a storyline that includes Elvis Costello. What are you waiting for? Put it on your queue already!
[img src=]60Credit: Columbia Pictures
It's a musical! It's made up of mostly Sandler voices! It's about Chanukah! It's the best freakin' Chanukah movie out there. The songs are catchy and it makes you wonder why there aren't more Chanukah films.
[img src=]50Credit: Comedy Central and Strand Releasing
You will laugh through its ridiculousness and insensitivity. Lower your expectation and just have fun.
[img src=]40Credit: Robert L . May
The theme song is great. The story makes me sniffle. It's a great holiday film that serves up hope to all those being bullied for their uniqueness. Thanks Santa, Thanks Rudolph!
[img src=]60Credit: Miramax Films
It's not heavy on the holidays, but this film makes a gal hopeful for the new year. Out with dream boat Hugh Grant,
and in with new dream boat Colin Firth.
[img src=]60Credit: Fox 2000 Pictures
Although the film is not a modern classic, it does serve up some great lines by a snobby Sarah Jessica Parker and some hilarious scenes with Diane Keaton. Plus, there's a Claire Danes cameo.
[img src=]70Credit: Corinne Melvern
How can you not LOVE Frosty? He melts my heart. ;)
[img src=]70Credit: Columbia Pictures
At the end of the film, It all begins with a kiss on New Year's Eve.
[img src=]80Credit: Liberty Films
If you feel the need to cry a little or if "Scrooged" doesn't really impact your "Scrooge" at home, this will break him/her.
[img src=]70Credit: Charles M. Schultz
It's a classic TV special for the kids, adults and grandparents. Plus, it's easy to understand in any language! Every time my mom watches it, she primarily speaks Spanish, she looks at me and says, "Hmm hmmm. Christmas is not about gifts. It's about family and Jesus." She then opens up more gifts...


Full List 

1. A Christmas Story

2. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

3. Babe’s in Toyland (1986)

4. Scrooged

5. A Muppet Christmas Carol

6. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

7. Pieces of April

8. The Holiday

9. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

10. Die Hard

11. The Santa Clause ( All of them!) Yup, the third one is awful.

12. Home For The Holidays

13. Nothing Like The Holidays

14. Home Alone

15. Gremlins

16. Trading Places

17. Bad Santa

18. Elf

19. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

20. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

21. 200 Cigarettes

22. Eight Crazy Nights

23. The Hebrew Hammer

24. Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer

25. Bridget Jone’s Diary

26. The Family Stone

27. Frosty The Snowman

28. When Harry Met Sally…

29. It’s A Wonderful Life

30. A Charlie Brown Christmas



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Three Commercials Break One Dry Spell

5 Nov

It seems that my good karma is finally making an appearance in Austin.

I had a terrible dry spell this summer. I missed out on working with Robert Rodriguez, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Cate Blanchett and Emma Stone, to name a few. Then again, at least I missed out after TRYING and not because I stayed home and told myself it could never happen. Hell, it can still happen. See you soon, A-Listers.

This past Saturday my dry spell finally came to an end! I participated in THREE commercials. That’s crazy, right? Doesn’t it sound impossible? I had speaking roles in two of them and a featured role in one. I’m still pinching myself. How did I ever book and film three commercial spots in one day?

Let me break it down for you.

Three In One 

Two commercials were for a great non-pofit organization which provides grants called FuturoFund (CHECK IT OUT!). The commercials will be seen regionally in Texas and internationally online on their site. I will share the commercials once they are available. The shoot was for one 2:00 minute spot and one :30 second spot.

International Cell Phone Provider

The third was for a HUGE  international cell phone provider. I can not disclose information until the spot is out. I’ll be sharing the commercial link, pics and name once it’s out later this month. The spot is considered an online commercial spot and will be seen internationally.

Hey phone companies! Hire me. I love talking on the phone. I could be your spokesperson.


Work as an actor comes in waves. Sometimes, we are lucky and the waves are non-stop. The dry spells as an actor can be terribly damaging to my self-esteem and attitude. It takes a lot of passion, persaverance and confidence to keep going in a business that is 99% rejection. It’s that 1% of successful auditions and lucky breaks that make being an aspiring and struggling actor worth it.

After attending a handful of open-call castings for Sin City 2, Machete 2, the latest Terrence Malick films and some television shows  in Austin and NEVER getting called back, I was getting a little depressed. All of those open-call castings asked for very specific roles. I guess I didn’t fit any of them. OUCH. I spent my summer standing in lines for hours and at one point getting first degree sunburn at a three hour-long wait casting. I was starting to get pretty upset with myself.

My Terrence Malick audition photo. FAIL. Not hipster enough.

Some roles as extras for television shows were booked within 5 minutes of posting. Other roles were based off of photographs and Malick’s film called mostly for small town simple people. However, they were looking for young hipsters. I gave that last one a shot. At least they have me on film, right?

THE 1% IS A GOOD THING (this time)

After a summer of ZERO work, dozens of rejected submissions and zero call backs I finally booked an audition. I didn’t know about the project until I was called in. I had a great time at the audition. I clicked well with my audition partner and I left feeling pretty positive about the whole thing. However, I was one of the first ones to audition and there’s no way to tell if someone knocks you off the callback list until you never hear from casting again.

I drove to work feeling pretty good about myself and a little nervous. 

Two days passed and I hadn’t heard anything. If you don’t hear anything back within two days, it usually means you didn’t get the part. Sometimes you get a callback, just to be told that you were “GREAT!” but that someone else was “PERFECT’ for the part. I hadn’t gotten a nice rejection call by then either. I figured I must’ve really blown it. It was all in my head that I had rocked it. Perhaps, I thought, I should check out the book What Color Is Your Parachute and re-think my future.

Then, on the third day of not hearing anything back, I was on my way to pay a late fee to the library and check out the self-help section when I noticed I had missed a call from an unknown number. Sure enough, it was a request to call back a producer from the audition.


Hey, what color is actor/entertainer? That’s my color.

The producer let me know I booked the job and I had indeed knocked it out of the park. I was to play the part of an executive. A Latina woman my age in charge? I LOVED IT! Gloria Steinam and Hilary Clinton would appreciate that. *HIGH FIVE*

I had a BLAST filming for FuturoFund. I can’t wait to show you the commercials. They’re pretty hilarious. Check out the pictures below. You’ll get an idea why!



Near the end of filming for FutroFund, I received a random text to join another commercial in town. The invite was to be featured in an internationally known cell phone provider online commercial spot. I couldn’t say no. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, as I was still filming. I sent over my picture and let them know I was camera ready and had a couple of changes with me. I let them know I’d come over as soon as I wrapped. They let me know they had called others just in case. It became a racing game.

I showed up a little sweaty and dizzy, but I showed up before anyone else. After checking out my wardrobe they decided to keep me in what I was already wearing and just changed up my jacket. Next thing I knew, I was on set and getting direction.

Being on set and in front of the camera erased all of the disappointment of summer. I looked in the mirror and noticed I was glowing. I smiled all day. I smiled in my sleep. I slept better than I had in months.

The dry spell is over, right? Who am I kidding. The only constant thing is change. One thing that can’t change  is my love for performing and entertaining.

Keep following my journey to your screen!

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Am I Too Old?

13 Sep


Am I too old?”, is something I too often ask myself lately when thinking about my next career move within entertainment. I’d like to think that I will always look and feel younger than my age, as long as I keep treating my body as a temple. I also would  like to believe other people feel the same about me and themselves. In “Glossywood” it’s often noted that the skinnier, hotter and younger you are the more likely you are to succeed.

Well, I’m here to respond, “Pffft, puh-lease!”.

As I celebrated my birthday last week (28 years of FUN!), I noticed a couple of new gray hairs. I’ve had gray hairs since I was a teenager. Most people run to the hair-dye to hide their age. I like to dye my hair because I’m obsessed with change, not because I’m trying to change nature’s highlights (that’s what I like to call ‘em).

One of my least favorite things in Hollywood is the obsession with looking young. Why is Hollywood so terrified of getting older? Don’t they know that with age comes wisdom? Does that mean knowledge and wisdom is trumped by a wrinkle-free face? Why is it that salt and peppered men are “sexy” or “distinguished” meanwhile salt and peppered females in Hollywood are often considered yesterday’s news? The fear of aging in the entertainment industry and influence on our society is openly displayed in film, television, magazines and most of all, the beauty department. I know women aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure, but we seem to be feeling most of it.

Celebrating 28 years of fun and hoping Hollywood doesn’t ban me from auditioning for being “too old” or too “fat” after eating my vegan bday cake.


About 90% of the time, this is what I feel like I’m hearing when I go shopping, watch commercials, watch TV or go to the movies:

“Get your anti-aging cream now before you look like a raisin and not even Igor will want to ask you out!”

“Hide those grays at home with an easy to use applicator which at your OOOOOOLD senile age can use!”


Why does the screen keep yelling at me? Would it be bad to grab a bat and give it a piece of my mind? That would be the young and immature way of dealing with things, wouldn’t it?


I can’t even believe that I have to blog about this at the young age of 28. Ridiculous.

It pisses me off when the media also seems to alert me that I’m probably too fat or too short to ever accomplish anything in the world, because there is nothing scarier or depressing than having cellulite on your ass and/or thighs. I feel like I better get my religion on and pray to baby Jesus  that I never end up looking like someone on US WEEKLY MAGAZINE’s “WORST BIKINI BODIES” list. The media reminds me that I should shoot for looking more like those who make the PEOPLE “BEST SUMMER BODIES” feature. Listen here media, with age comes a little cellulite in my family. Deal with it. There’s hope out there for us against the anti-aging campaigns out there. Just take a look at Helen Mirren in a bikini. She’s such a rock star.

To all that yelling and noise I kindly respond, “PFFFT, PUH-LEASE!“.

I digress. Back to aging…

Sure, many of you out there are probably thinking how hypocritical I’ll sound when I reach a certain age; develop irreparable wrinkles and my face drops low enough to end up where my boobs used to be. I assume my boobs may one day end up where my belly button currently hides around my, according to the media, fat ass stomach. I aim to reasonably contribute to my health and age proudly. Who knows, maybe I will go under the knife in the future. If I do, I just hope it’s because I want to do it for myself and not social pressures.


I like giving people in their early 20′s advice. I appreciate hearing the same from my elders. I enjoy the feeling of learning lessons and often sharing them with you here. It’s part of our journey! Knowledge is power and evolution is important to survival. I’ve experienced an overwhelming amount of trials and tribulations in my life thus far. All of it has made me a better trooper. I will not stop getting older or wiser for anyone.


After celebrating a year as an Austin resident, I decided to expand my knowledge and experience within the film industry. I searched for new opportunities with casting agencies, talent agencies and community organizations in Austin. I came across a great prestigious internship opportunity at the Austin Film Society.

Yes, I asked myself, “Am I too old for an internship?” when I applied.

I should’ve been asking myself, “Do I need this?“.  Eventually I got there and asked myself, “Why not?“.


Why not?“, is my new “Am I too old?”, when deciding on my next career move in entertainment. Sure, being an intern comes with  the regular grunt work, but it also offers exciting new opportunities that I would not have otherwise. It’s a chance to network, make new friends and most importantly be part of the roaring film community in Austin. It’s a no-brainer. If an internship will award you an olive branch into your passion, you better make time for it.  I applied and luckily I was accepted along with 15 other talented individuals who  I hope also think of themselves as ageless when it comes to growing and learning.

I look forward to sharing some great moments of my new internship with the Austin Film Society. It’s sure to be a full bag of fun around sets, stages, screenings, festivals and other exciting events. For now, here’s a photo of me working as an intern at the 20th anniversary of Robert Rodriguez’s “El Machete” screening at the historic Paramount Theater in Austin. He also played with his band, CHINGON. It was rad thanks to my bad ass internship.

Rocking my AFS Intern STAFF t-shirt at the 20th Anniversary screening of “El Machete” with Robert Rodruigez and his band, CHINGON.

Keep on dreamin’…

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12 Sep


If you’ve already checked out the film DUST UP, this post is still relevant to you. There’s so much going on with the film that you may not even know about. Here’s a nice DUST UP re-cap for current followers and newbies.

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DUST UP  is a kick ass action comedy starring Amber Benson and Travis Betz that will make you laugh, gasp and punch the person you’re sitting next to. If you like funny, fighting and some crazy stuff you’ve never seen before, Dust Up is the flick for you. It’s set in the middle of a desert, with a bunch of really weird characters including a Native American hipster and a dude who looks like a human lizard. Want to know more? Yeah you do.


Go ahead and check out the official theatrical trailer that was featured as FRONT PAGE EXCLUSIVE NEWS Yahoo! Movies just a few days ago!


For a screening near you CLICK HERE.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook then you are very well aware that just recently the film’s final touches have been added and it’s ready for the world to see.

Don’t see a screening available in  your city? Use the page’s contact email to ask about putting together a screening via TUGG or other creative ways to screen the film at little to no cost that we may not know about. We do have screenings planned in most major cities including, NYC, LA, Austin, Chicago and Indianapolis to name a few. Please check-in to the website for updated dates and of course, on Twitter or Facebook!


By contributing to the IndieGoGo campaign, you can SKYPE with Amber Benson (DUST UP CO-STAR) or the director, Ward Roberts! YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. You can talk about your pets, what you ate that day, how obsessed you are, whatever! Go HERE for full details. Watch Amber explain it all below.


Besides being able to watch this FUNTASTICAL film at a theater near you, you’ll also be able to watch it via inDEMAND and on DVD very soon. Eager to know exactly when? Just stay tuned by following us online or checking out the site


I lied. You can’t date the director. He’s married and has the cutest little girl and most gorgeous and talented wife in the world.  I hear a lot of sexy co-stars are single and ready to mingle though! Get your stalk-on ladies and gents. For now, you can gawk at the conveniently handsome and silly director Ward Roberts with his DUST UP UPDATES. Check out the latest one below.

I hope to see many of you excited to Dust Up your life. Becoming part of this film as a contributor or fan has many perks and will be noted by everyone who has been working passionately on this film for the past TWO years.

Don’t forget to give a shout out on your favorite social media.

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Keep on dreamin’…


My Interview with Filmmaker Rakeem JH Lawrence for Filmmakers Focus NYC

23 May

During a recent trip to NYC, I was fortunate to interview up and coming Indie horror film director Rakeem JH Lawrence.

Watch the interview now and learn all about Lawrence’s upcoming and existing projects!

Filmmaker Rakeem JH Lawrence

Filmmakers Focus NYC hosted by Ruth Vaca with Horror Film Director Rakeem JH Lawrence




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Filmmakers Focus is produced by Geoffrey Collymore


Get Your EXCLUSIVE Designer Offer From Jamie Slye Designs

13 May

Meet Jamie Slye of in this exciting new interview and get an EXCLUSIVE ONLINE FASHION OFFER for one of her unique and fabulous hair accessories! 

At this year’s SXSW’s StyleX, I had the pleasure of meeting up and coming hair accessory designer, Jamie Slye, of Jamie offers stylish, original vintage-inspired  hair accessories to suit the wardrobes of  brides and the everyday fashionista.  Her designs are bold, sexy and feminine hairpieces are a mix of playful yet sophisticated design with attention to detail and craftsmanship, with all of pieces encompassing re-purposed vintage materials that are hand sown. I could see Zooey Deschanel rocking this collection day and night and for any occasion, from writing indie pop in her studio to walking the red carpet at an awards show.

Zooey Deschanel would ROCK a Jamie Slye design! Click for photo for credit.

I’m no Anna Wintour but I do have an appreciation for fine fashion and personal style. Mine is feminine, classy and fun with a touch of sex appeal for good measure,  just like Jamie’s designs! This must explain why I  couldn’t stay away from Jamie’s designs at the fashion expo at this year’s SXSW’s StyleX. I was captivated at how her designs can both recapture an era gone by and make it wearable for the modern day woman. With a nostalgic nod to the past, every piece displayed reminded me of my favorite tv characters from “Mad Men”.  I could see Peggy, the indomitable career girl, sporting a light blue piece with pearls. I also imagined “Joan“, the sultry secretary, on a sexy date, wearing a veiled black piece made with silk .

I like to think of fashion as a way to express a character and emotion. As a performer, I look forward to finding the right clothes for my on-screen characters. Fashion design on set is as important as set design, art direction and cinematography, as they all help set tone. I hope you enjoy my recent Q&A with the budding designer and check out the exquisite pieces and an exclusive online offer currently ONLY available here!

Get 20% OFF THIS PIECE AND MORE! Click on the photo for more and make sure to read the promotion details carefully to get your discount.

EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION DETAILS: Receive  20% off any one headpieces from the  etsy shop BUT, in order to receive the 20% discount, you must like Jamie’s Facebook page!  Each customer must email or facebook Jamie which headpiece they would like.  


Doesn’t Mine Look Adorable?



Contact Jamie for wardrobe and fashion opportunities and collaborations.

RV: How did you start designing? Did you go to school for fashion design?

JS: I did go to school for fashion design!  I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2006, majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design, with a concentration in Design.  Actually, my designing did start in school, as I had to complete several lines of clothing throughout my college career.  But the designing of headpieces started when I was an in-house designer for a bridal shop in Richmond, Va.  During my experience with this bridal shop, I was mostly designing bridal gowns, but I was always more interested in bridal accessories, especially as accessories in general started to gain popularity.  I made the decision that my passion for designing combined with the attention I was getting from the public was enough to start my own business.  Bridal headpieces turned into special occasion headpieces, turned into everyday headpieces – now I offer all three!     

 RV: Explain a little further how you go about finding your vintage pieces. Why vintage?

JS: I find my vintage pieces from all around the world.  Besides design, traveling is probably my second passion.  In my travels I make sure to seek out shops, markets, and anywhere else one-of-a-kind vintage pieces may be hiding! I have chosen a vintage style for my headpieces because there is something interesting to me about recreating vintage elements in a modern piece. Fashion is ever-evolving, but a little bit of the past will always influence the future! When using vintage brooches and buttons my mind always wonders about the woman who wore it before. Was she a woman of influence? Was she a fashionista? Was she just the girl next door with big dreams and hopes for her future? There is something very intriguing to me about vintage pieces, so that is why I have chosen to bring together pieces of the past into special designs for a modern day woman.

RV: Do you consider yourself a “green” designer since you re-use vintage items?

JS: While I don’t market myself as a “green” designer, most of my pieces do incorporate repurposed, reused vintage elements.  For example, I cut up old wedding gowns, use appliqués off of vintage clothing, and use unique brooches, shoe clips, belt buckles etc., in ways that might not normally come to mind.  So although “green” may not be my main focus, I do believe my line incorporates “green” values.

RV: Where do you hope to take your brand & designs?

JS: Although I do plan to grow, something that I will always remain true to is designing handmade headpieces that incorporate real vintage elements.  With that being said, my focus now is exposing my headpieces to as many people as possible, while also expanding my line – bridesmaids, children, pets, etc.  I would love to be in more shops across the U.S. and abroad.  I do believe my pieces would be well received in the Latino market, as well as the British market, and I am currently working on marketing myself there.  I am looking forward to seeing how far my business takes me, all the while having tons of fun!

RV: Who’s your target audience?

JS: My target audience is women of all ages who want to showcase their own unique sense of style and individuality.  My headpieces have no limitation on age, era, or personality.  Moreover they are a means to express oneself and allow women to make bold statements through my creative designs. 

 RV: How do you want women to feel when wearing your pieces?

JS: Confident, Sexy, and Empowered. 

 RV: Any men accessories in the future? Maybe some vintage pocket squares?

JS: Yes! Men’s accessories are a plan for JSD’s future, but nothing concrete yet.  Stay tuned!

RV: What celebs would you like to see wear your pieces?

JS: Honestly, I would want all celebrities to find my headpieces stylish and irresistible (haha), but if I had to choose three, they would be Adele, Oprah, and Princess Kate. 


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Paging Dr. Ruth: Let Me Help You, Please.

11 Apr

Therapy can be expensive. Advice is free. Not all advice is created equal. I’ve helped many people and friends. Now, I can help you!

Need advice? Ask Away on my "RuthVaca Official" FB page, @Ruthvaca on Twitter or E-mail me


I don’t know about you, but it is not uncommon for me to get phone calls, emails and texts from friends all over the world asking me for advice at all times of the day. It’s also not uncommon for me to  pick up  the phone, get on my computer or text them at odd times of the day to help them out.

I’ve always been a person who people feel comfortable opening up to. My friends have been witnesses to strangers telling me their whole lives and current issues without me encouraging it. It happens at cafes, malls, planes, or at work. I’ve never minded it, and I like to think  that I end up helping people or at least making them feel better once they vent.


Turn A Negative Into A Positive

At THIS age, I talked too much in class. At this age, I knew I wanted to entertain and help people on a stage or screen or classroom. Ask away!

On my first day of kindergarten, my teacher let my mother know that I talked too much and that I simply would not keep my mouth shut no matter how many times she begged me to quiet down. She didn’t understand that I’m a multi-tasker. I didn’t understand that most children couldn’t talk and learn at the same time, like me.  The same complain followed me until College. Yes, I like to talk. I also like to listen. Mostly, I like to interact with people and understand where they come from. I find people fascinating. 

The story of my first day at school is always brought up when my mom or siblings want to tell a cute little story about me. It also comes up whenever I talk about one day hosting my own program.

Remember when Ruth’s teacher didn’t know what to do because she wouldn’t shut up at school? She was meant to talk all day!”, a sibling will say.

My parents want me to be the next “Christina”(Latina Oprah). A part of me wants to be “Oprah”. It is no doubt that it takes a great conversationalist to head a daytime talk show, or a great comedian. However, the most important part of being a great host is being a great listener.


I'm hear to talk it over. Ask Away!

I’m Not A Dr., I Just Crush Like One

I’ve never been a drama queen. Whenever “drama” has come into my life it is due to another person creating it or sharing it with me. Most people would probably slam the phone with frustration after two hours of listening to a friend cry about a negative comment some guy made at a bar about her. However, I find my phone headset, do some dishes, fix up a snack or organize my closet while I listen, give feedback  and listen some more. Sure, I know when to  hang up, but I have also learned to recognize when to stay on a little longer.

As my friends and family tease me for being a chatterbox, I like to tell them how someday I’m going to be paid for talking. Until then, go ahead and submit a question. You may be having love/relationship problems, weight problems, sexual concerns, self-esteem issues, a  fashion crisis, or are curious to ask me a personal question. Nothing is off limits.

Go ahead! SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS! I want to keep being there for my friends. I’ll reply with a podcast or video blog or blog post. Feel free to ask me to stay anonymous. Your identity is safe with me. Remember, I’m not a doctor but I have good advice based on my experiences and opinions. If I can’t help you, I’ll direct you the best I can to someone who can.




Tweet me a question @RuthVaca

Post on my FB wall atRuth Vaca OfficialPage.









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