Am I Too Old?

13 Sep


Am I too old?”, is something I too often ask myself lately when thinking about my next career move within entertainment. I’d like to think that I will always look and feel younger than my age, as long as I keep treating my body as a temple. I also would  like to believe other people feel the same about me and themselves. In “Glossywood” it’s often noted that the skinnier, hotter and younger you are the more likely you are to succeed.

Well, I’m here to respond, “Pffft, puh-lease!”.

As I celebrated my birthday last week (28 years of FUN!), I noticed a couple of new gray hairs. I’ve had gray hairs since I was a teenager. Most people run to the hair-dye to hide their age. I like to dye my hair because I’m obsessed with change, not because I’m trying to change nature’s highlights (that’s what I like to call ‘em).

One of my least favorite things in Hollywood is the obsession with looking young. Why is Hollywood so terrified of getting older? Don’t they know that with age comes wisdom? Does that mean knowledge and wisdom is trumped by a wrinkle-free face? Why is it that salt and peppered men are “sexy” or “distinguished” meanwhile salt and peppered females in Hollywood are often considered yesterday’s news? The fear of aging in the entertainment industry and influence on our society is openly displayed in film, television, magazines and most of all, the beauty department. I know women aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure, but we seem to be feeling most of it.

Celebrating 28 years of fun and hoping Hollywood doesn’t ban me from auditioning for being “too old” or too “fat” after eating my vegan bday cake.


About 90% of the time, this is what I feel like I’m hearing when I go shopping, watch commercials, watch TV or go to the movies:

“Get your anti-aging cream now before you look like a raisin and not even Igor will want to ask you out!”

“Hide those grays at home with an easy to use applicator which at your OOOOOOLD senile age can use!”


Why does the screen keep yelling at me? Would it be bad to grab a bat and give it a piece of my mind? That would be the young and immature way of dealing with things, wouldn’t it?


I can’t even believe that I have to blog about this at the young age of 28. Ridiculous.

It pisses me off when the media also seems to alert me that I’m probably too fat or too short to ever accomplish anything in the world, because there is nothing scarier or depressing than having cellulite on your ass and/or thighs. I feel like I better get my religion on and pray to baby Jesus  that I never end up looking like someone on US WEEKLY MAGAZINE’s “WORST BIKINI BODIES” list. The media reminds me that I should shoot for looking more like those who make the PEOPLE “BEST SUMMER BODIES” feature. Listen here media, with age comes a little cellulite in my family. Deal with it. There’s hope out there for us against the anti-aging campaigns out there. Just take a look at Helen Mirren in a bikini. She’s such a rock star.

To all that yelling and noise I kindly respond, “PFFFT, PUH-LEASE!“.

I digress. Back to aging…

Sure, many of you out there are probably thinking how hypocritical I’ll sound when I reach a certain age; develop irreparable wrinkles and my face drops low enough to end up where my boobs used to be. I assume my boobs may one day end up where my belly button currently hides around my, according to the media, fat ass stomach. I aim to reasonably contribute to my health and age proudly. Who knows, maybe I will go under the knife in the future. If I do, I just hope it’s because I want to do it for myself and not social pressures.


I like giving people in their early 20′s advice. I appreciate hearing the same from my elders. I enjoy the feeling of learning lessons and often sharing them with you here. It’s part of our journey! Knowledge is power and evolution is important to survival. I’ve experienced an overwhelming amount of trials and tribulations in my life thus far. All of it has made me a better trooper. I will not stop getting older or wiser for anyone.


After celebrating a year as an Austin resident, I decided to expand my knowledge and experience within the film industry. I searched for new opportunities with casting agencies, talent agencies and community organizations in Austin. I came across a great prestigious internship opportunity at the Austin Film Society.

Yes, I asked myself, “Am I too old for an internship?” when I applied.

I should’ve been asking myself, “Do I need this?“.  Eventually I got there and asked myself, “Why not?“.


Why not?“, is my new “Am I too old?”, when deciding on my next career move in entertainment. Sure, being an intern comes with  the regular grunt work, but it also offers exciting new opportunities that I would not have otherwise. It’s a chance to network, make new friends and most importantly be part of the roaring film community in Austin. It’s a no-brainer. If an internship will award you an olive branch into your passion, you better make time for it.  I applied and luckily I was accepted along with 15 other talented individuals who  I hope also think of themselves as ageless when it comes to growing and learning.

I look forward to sharing some great moments of my new internship with the Austin Film Society. It’s sure to be a full bag of fun around sets, stages, screenings, festivals and other exciting events. For now, here’s a photo of me working as an intern at the 20th anniversary of Robert Rodriguez’s “El Machete” screening at the historic Paramount Theater in Austin. He also played with his band, CHINGON. It was rad thanks to my bad ass internship.

Rocking my AFS Intern STAFF t-shirt at the 20th Anniversary screening of “El Machete” with Robert Rodruigez and his band, CHINGON.

Keep on dreamin’…

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3 Responses to “Am I Too Old?”

  1. galy September 13, 2012 at 11:46 pm #

    uhm, you like like 12 in that picture… you really need not worry
    because every year you grow older, everyone else does too

  2. Bill Hibbler October 5, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

    Wait, I’m the guy that didn’t hire you because you were too young. :-)

    • Ruth October 5, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

      You know, I’ve been called an old soul and wise before. Let’s work together! ;)

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