Three Commercials Break One Dry Spell

5 Nov

It seems that my good karma is finally making an appearance in Austin.

I had a terrible dry spell this summer. I missed out on working with Robert Rodriguez, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Cate Blanchett and Emma Stone, to name a few. Then again, at least I missed out after TRYING and not because I stayed home and told myself it could never happen. Hell, it can still happen. See you soon, A-Listers.

This past Saturday my dry spell finally came to an end! I participated in THREE commercials. That’s crazy, right? Doesn’t it sound impossible? I had speaking roles in two of them and a featured role in one. I’m still pinching myself. How did I ever book and film three commercial spots in one day?

Let me break it down for you.

Three In One 

Two commercials were for a great non-pofit organization which provides grants called FuturoFund (CHECK IT OUT!). The commercials will be seen regionally in Texas and internationally online on their site. I will share the commercials once they are available. The shoot was for one 2:00 minute spot and one :30 second spot.

International Cell Phone Provider

The third was for a HUGE  international cell phone provider. I can not disclose information until the spot is out. I’ll be sharing the commercial link, pics and name once it’s out later this month. The spot is considered an online commercial spot and will be seen internationally.

Hey phone companies! Hire me. I love talking on the phone. I could be your spokesperson.


Work as an actor comes in waves. Sometimes, we are lucky and the waves are non-stop. The dry spells as an actor can be terribly damaging to my self-esteem and attitude. It takes a lot of passion, persaverance and confidence to keep going in a business that is 99% rejection. It’s that 1% of successful auditions and lucky breaks that make being an aspiring and struggling actor worth it.

After attending a handful of open-call castings for Sin City 2, Machete 2, the latest Terrence Malick films and some television shows  in Austin and NEVER getting called back, I was getting a little depressed. All of those open-call castings asked for very specific roles. I guess I didn’t fit any of them. OUCH. I spent my summer standing in lines for hours and at one point getting first degree sunburn at a three hour-long wait casting. I was starting to get pretty upset with myself.

My Terrence Malick audition photo. FAIL. Not hipster enough.

Some roles as extras for television shows were booked within 5 minutes of posting. Other roles were based off of photographs and Malick’s film called mostly for small town simple people. However, they were looking for young hipsters. I gave that last one a shot. At least they have me on film, right?

THE 1% IS A GOOD THING (this time)

After a summer of ZERO work, dozens of rejected submissions and zero call backs I finally booked an audition. I didn’t know about the project until I was called in. I had a great time at the audition. I clicked well with my audition partner and I left feeling pretty positive about the whole thing. However, I was one of the first ones to audition and there’s no way to tell if someone knocks you off the callback list until you never hear from casting again.

I drove to work feeling pretty good about myself and a little nervous. 

Two days passed and I hadn’t heard anything. If you don’t hear anything back within two days, it usually means you didn’t get the part. Sometimes you get a callback, just to be told that you were “GREAT!” but that someone else was “PERFECT’ for the part. I hadn’t gotten a nice rejection call by then either. I figured I must’ve really blown it. It was all in my head that I had rocked it. Perhaps, I thought, I should check out the book What Color Is Your Parachute and re-think my future.

Then, on the third day of not hearing anything back, I was on my way to pay a late fee to the library and check out the self-help section when I noticed I had missed a call from an unknown number. Sure enough, it was a request to call back a producer from the audition.


Hey, what color is actor/entertainer? That’s my color.

The producer let me know I booked the job and I had indeed knocked it out of the park. I was to play the part of an executive. A Latina woman my age in charge? I LOVED IT! Gloria Steinam and Hilary Clinton would appreciate that. *HIGH FIVE*

I had a BLAST filming for FuturoFund. I can’t wait to show you the commercials. They’re pretty hilarious. Check out the pictures below. You’ll get an idea why!



Near the end of filming for FutroFund, I received a random text to join another commercial in town. The invite was to be featured in an internationally known cell phone provider online commercial spot. I couldn’t say no. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, as I was still filming. I sent over my picture and let them know I was camera ready and had a couple of changes with me. I let them know I’d come over as soon as I wrapped. They let me know they had called others just in case. It became a racing game.

I showed up a little sweaty and dizzy, but I showed up before anyone else. After checking out my wardrobe they decided to keep me in what I was already wearing and just changed up my jacket. Next thing I knew, I was on set and getting direction.

Being on set and in front of the camera erased all of the disappointment of summer. I looked in the mirror and noticed I was glowing. I smiled all day. I smiled in my sleep. I slept better than I had in months.

The dry spell is over, right? Who am I kidding. The only constant thing is change. One thing that can’t change  is my love for performing and entertaining.

Keep following my journey to your screen!

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  1. niki November 20, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

    when do we get to see the commercials?! i can’t wait!

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