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24 Feb


Some lucky Oscar nominees, formally known as Academy Award nominees since the name was officially CHANGED this year, are hanging out at their lush Hollywood hotel suites and homes surrounded by their glam squads, getting ready for what is often described as “The Hollywood Prom”. Indeed, many of us want to know who is wearing what, who will be the Prom Queen ( Best Actress ) and Prom King ( Best Actor ). Today, we find out if an outsider or someone from the most popular clique takes home the most coveted awards.


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For many, The Oscars is a production of popularity, over indulgence, and rarely a recognition of the most deserving. Can you believe Leonardo DiCaprio STILL hasn’t won an Oscar? Say what you want about the guy, but there’s no doubt he’s a top A-List actor. Let’s hope the Academy doesn’t make him wait so long that they have to throw him a charity Oscar like they have in the past to many actors. Ahem, Denzel Washington. Yeah, I said it.

Get your snacks ready & log in to LIVE Tweeting @RUTH VACA

Get your snacks ready & log in to LIVE Tweeting @RUTH VACA


Although I prefer the SAG votes to the majority of the Oscar winners each year, it is true that only The Oscars bring an air of Hollywood glamour on steroids. The Silver Screen seems to revisit us through our TV screens once a year. Glimmering jewels, ball gowns, three piece suits, teary acceptance speeches, unforgettable musical performances, and legendary hosts grace us from a place that has earned the name “La La Land”.

Who are you rooting for? I’ll say it right now, ARGO IS NOT THE BEST FILM OF THE YEAR. I don’t care if it wins. It’s not. It’s not the worse. It’s not the best. Judging the best of the crop is a whole other blog entry or podcast. We’ll chat later. ADELE should win for the Best Original Song. She’s my Prom Queen. SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK has a special place in my heart, and I hope it wins at least two of the nominations.


Sometimes I miss living close enough to touch the stars & Oscar winning names


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I’ll be honest. I’m highly opinionated and ready to bitch, root, cry and throw stuff at my television.

My relationship with The Oscars is what Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship must’ve been like many days with Richard Burton. I love the Oscars, but I often find myself swearing to the gods that I will never watch, support, talk about or write about again. Remember when James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted? I wanted to put my hands through the screen and  slap Franco around until he started to tap dance or sing along like Billy Crystal.

Let’s hope the Oscars make the Silver Screen era proud and that Seth McFarlane doesn’t make me feel like “Peter Griffin” from Family Guy is hosting. If he is, he better bring “Brian” the dog and “Stewie” the baby with him.

Will you be watching tonight? Share your Oscar stories with me. 


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